The Helix Technologies Product Suite

Strategic product suite

Our goal is to provide licensed cannabis operators with end-to-end software and security to optimize every aspect of their business. Better manage your business, remain compliant, protect your physical properties, and efficiently manage your entire cannabis supply-chain with Helix Technologies’ suite of services.

One of the largest software providers in the legal cannabis industry, BioTrackTHC provides seed-to-sale supply chain management and compliance tools for licensed cannabis businesses as well as tracking solutions for state and local governments. Today BioTrackTHC serves over 2200 customers in 32 states and 5 countries, in addition to 9 government contracts internationally.

As the oldest and largest online wholesale marketplace for licensed cannabis businesses, Cannabase empowers growth and transparency for the legal cannabis industry through proprietary market data generated by a comprehensive suite of seed-to-sale marketing and sales tools for licensed cannabis businesses, cannabis consumers, and advertisers.

Helix TCS’s technology and security solutions are designed to ensure business owners and operators stay compliant with (often complex) cannabis regulations. These regulations are often in flux, can be difficult to manage, and are essential for the safety of businesses and the security of their licenses and valuable assets.

We prioritize compliance in all Helix TCS service offerings

BioTrackTHC ensures that licensees stay compliant with seed-to-sale tracking regulations, while supporting state goverments with state-wide tracking systems.

Cannabase is a wholesale and marketing platform which enables licensed businesses to efficiently sell and market their wholesale product, while also providing a compliant avenue to safely market their brands to consumers 18 years and older.

Helix TCS’s physical and digital security and consulting branch is focused on providing businesses with the tools they need to maintain a safe, compliant environment for their customers, employees, and most valuable assets.

Together, Helix TCS’s robust technology and security platform work together to ensure cannabis business owners are operating as efficiently, securely, and compliantly possibly – so they can focus on growing their business.

Helix TCS Security provides a comprehensive range of digital and physical security services and consulting packages tailored to protecting the assets of the legal cannabis industry, while helping their clients in stay compliant with vitally important state regulations.

Helix TCS’s cannabis security business is tailored to the unique needs of licensed cannabis businesses. Ensuring businesses remain safe and compliant, Helix TCS’s cannabis security is a comprehensive physical and digital solution for this emerging market.

Helix TCS’s physical security services include armed and unarmed guards trained by our in-house experts, traditional monitoring and response support, alarm systems, investigative services, and more.

Helix TCS’s digital security offerings include comprehensive security camera systems, IT security services and access control equipment.

We exist to safeguard clients against risk

To provide clients with the most powerful and cutting and cutting-edge integrated operating environments in the market, helping them to better manage and mitigate risk while they focus on their core business.



We deliver on these goals by leveraging our unique combination of business, risk-management, and investment skills. Our suite of services range from proprietary software to physical security.



Meet Mr. Venegas and the Helix
leadership team 

“As we welcome the emerging California market and begin to truly establish the legal cannabis industry, this trend will continue exponentially. Businesses focused on sheer volume will not be able to maintain long-term growth as mom n'pops go out of business, get bought up, and the market matures.“

Zachary L. Venegas CEO