Why Helix TCS, Inc.


The Helix TCS team has a proven track record of outstanding results in providing frontier markets with integrated services through operational excellence and leveraging an aggressive merger and acquisition strategy.

Strategic Product Suite


Our goal is to provide licensed cannabis operators with end-to-end software and security to optimize every aspect of their business. Better manage your business, remain compliant, protect your physical properties, securely transport cash and products, and efficiently manage your entire cannabis supply-chain with Helix TCS’s suite of Technology, Compliance, and Security services.

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We exist to safeguard clients against risk

To provide clients with the most powerful and cutting-edge integrated operating environments in the market, helping them to better manage and mitigate risk while they focus on their core business.

Dedicated to making clients more secure, competitive, and successful

We deliver on these goals by leveraging our unique combination of business, risk-management, and investment skills. Our suite of services range from proprietary software to physical security.


Meet Mr. Venegas and the Helix TCS leadership team 

``General M&A activity has at least doubled since last year. We started acquiring businesses well before it became prevalent in the cannabis industry, which allowed us to avoid some of the high pricing that's being seen now. We will continue to strategically acquire in ways that are accretive to our business, as we have in the past. ``

Zachary L. Venegas CEO

“Uneven market development and expensive funding make the ability to acquire and optimize businesses that have real strategic value but more limited current cash flow, a necessary skill. As we have found in past successful business ventures from Romania to Kinshasa, in frontier markets with shifting legal frameworks and difficult-to-forecast business conditions, integrated operators survive and thrive and we believe that this strategy will enable Helix TCS Inc. to maintain our growth and deliver on the investment promise of legal cannabis.”

Zachary L. Venegas CEO

Growth Strategy

As the legal cannabis industry grows, so will our size and breadth of our service offering. Helix TCS will remain the premier provider of ancillary services to the industry. We will do this through both in-house product development and strategic acquisitions as determined by the most efficient allocation of capital while taking into consideration market conditions.

Helix TCS has an unrivaled execution track record

Launched LCI Security Offering


Acquired Cannabase: B2B marketplace for the LCI


Quarterly Revenue Exceeds $1mm


Acquired Security Grade: Remote Digital Security Systems
Listing Upgraded to OTC QB


Helix TCS Merges with BioTrackTHC


Acquired Engeni Software Development Firm


investor Relations Info

Helix TCS, Inc. (OTCQB: HLIX)


Investor Relations Updates